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Wedding Planning / Wedding Planer


Wedding planning


As the central contact for you, your guests and service providers, I ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day of your wedding. My duties include the reception of sparkling wine, parking instructions, the regulation of the seating, the distribution of church booklets, the administration of the service provider, the disposal of waste, the well-being of guests and the support of disabled guests, payment of the service provider, etc.


Would you like to plan your wedding independently?

Your personal wedding coaching gives you a helpful overview and is guaranteed to simplify your planning!

I will give you numerous tips, tricks and checklists, from location scouting to budget planning,

within 2 hours on the way to your wedding plan.

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Get to know each other without obligation

Appointment and guest planning

Concept creation

Budget planning including constant monitoring

Schedule generation

Location Scout

Recommendation, mediation and booking of all service providers

Planning the ceremony and celebration Booking hotel nights

Creation of the schedule

Care on the day of the wedding



Are you already in the middle of planning and / or do you only need occasional advice?


I would also be happy to support you in recommending, arranging and booking individual services.

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