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Wedding Planning / Wedding Planer

Your companion on the wedding day

Master of Ceremonies


Wedding planning

You have prepared and organized everything for your big day,
but who should now carry of all these little surprises and f
inal details

for the decoration?
Who takes care of a smooth process?


It would be a shame to entrust invited friends or family members with this.

After all, they should celebrate and enjoy the day and your love with you.

You want your guests to be able to experience the party to the fullest

and not deprive you of this opportunity at any point on the wedding day.

But not only for your guests, but also for yourself
Treat yourself to luxury, not to worry about your special day:
Having to make name tags, programs, candles, the champagne reception,

tips, etc.

Engage me for all the small tasks that are important for a successful celebration. As a problem solver, coordinator and central point of contact, I am happy to accompany you on one of your most important days in life.

After getting to know each other without obligation and handing over all booked service providers, we create the schedule together and then I take over the communication and arrangements with everyone involved.

On your wedding day, I will be with you from the very first moment.


Master of Ceremonies

As the central contact for you, your guests and service providers, I ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day of your wedding. My duties include the reception of sparkling wine, parking instructions, the regulation of the seating, the distribution of church booklets, the administration of the service provider, the disposal of waste, the well-being of guests and the support of disabled guests, payment of the service provider, etc.

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