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The bridal bouquet: the most important accessory for the bride!

Today the bridal bouquet is one of the most important accessories for the bride, but this custom only developed in the Renaissance.

In the past, certain herbs were supposed to keep the bride from swooning, whereas today the focus is more on the look.

Traditionally he is chosen by the groom,

picked up by the groom's best man


presented by the bride's father to the bride.

It should be selected in coordination with the bridal couple's styling, the color concept and the floral decorations.

Mostly the groomsmen, bride mothers and / or bridesmaids help with this.

Typical shapes are the Biedermeier, drop / waterfall, scepter shape.One of the best-known modern alternatives are hoop bouquets or flower bags.

During the ceremony, it will be handed over to the maid of honor.

During the the wedding day, the bride stands with her back to a group of (single, female) guests and throws it over her shoulder into the crowd.

The lucky catcher is allowed to keep the bouquet and, according to tradition, should be prophesied as the next one in the future.

There are various alternatives to the traditional "throwing technique", such as the bridal bouquet auction.

Are you still looking for the perfect bridal bouquet or your professional wedding floristry?Contact your wedding planner in the Rhein-Main area today.

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