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Wedding planner Frankfurt am Main, Germany

During my training at the Steigenberger Akademie in Bad Reichenhall - a renowned hotel management school near Salzburg - I worked behind the scenes at numerous weddings. Locations were mostly based in Munich or Salzburg. During my three years of apprenticeship, I worked for well-known caterers such as “Käfer” and “Schuhbecks”. In breathtaking locations I was able to gain my first experience in the implementation of important events of international and prominent hosts and guests.

What I enjoy most is attending weddings. I love this special family atmosphere that arises at the festival of love. The guests are happy with the bridal couple and celebrate the most beautiful thing in the world: LOVE!

Back in my home town and after developing my commercial skills, I dared to take the step of self-employment. It was very clear to me from a young age that I wanted to be my own boss. At the age of 12 I told my parents and teachers that one day I would be an entrepreneur. It was only as I grew older that I realized that this would require more courage than was believed when I was a child. At the age of 25, I finally dared myself and I don't regret this step for a day.

Since I also had some experience in gastronomy in Hessen and am a passionate eater, I was already familiar with most of the locations as a worker or guest before I started my own business as a wedding planner in the Rhine-Main area.

In the meantime I know over 250 wedding locations in Frankfurt, Rhine-Main, Hesse, the Rheingau and my beloved Taunus.

First I built a network of service providers such as florists, locations, caterers, decorators, musicians, stylists, bridal wear studios, accommodation providers, shuttle services, artists, wedding confectioners and many more. No matter what demands the bride and groom have on the ceremony and celebration: My network can serve them.

It doesn't matter whether fire breathers, pyrotechnicians, magicians, dancers, guitarists or wedding doves are in demand. The network expands daily and only service providers who meet my own standards, such as good accessibility, transparent price calculation, competent working methods and a few other aspects, make it into the database.

In my work with couples, it is important to me that I work as if I were organizing my own dream wedding, but always focus on the bride and groom as the main characters and decision-makers.

Over time, I have acquired a method and way of working, but I never work according to standardized mechanisms, but approach each couple individually.

In the course of time I have found that in addition to the location search, process planning and budget monitoring, emotional support is particularly important.

The beginning of the corona crisis has proven this in particular. Many couples were unsure and feared that the measures would prevent their wedding from taking place. Sometimes weddings and celebrations had to be postponed several times. During these times in particular, I was very grateful for my brides and grooms to be valued. They were happy to have a contact person with a cool head and solution-oriented action at their side. Someone to whom you could confide your fears and doubts in a discreet way without taking away the anticipation for you and your guests.

Before and during the non-binding meeting, I always emphasize that the chemistry between us plays an important role, as we work very closely with each other. A bride once said to me that she underestimated this at first and now notice that I was catching so much more than "just" the location scouting, the solicitation of offers, price calculation, contract reviews, etc. She said to me that she imagined the whole thing much more soberly and was now very grateful and happy to be able to contact me even in difficult moments and to know that they can rely on my advice.

The points described above are some of the many reasons why I decided to plan weddings in Frankfurt, Hessen and the surrounding area. Finding solutions and making people happy are the aspects that motivate and inspire me.

More about me and my way of working as a wedding planner in Frankfurt and Rhein-Main:

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